Monday, June 1, 2009


It is not only our full-size BMW automobiles from the BMW 1 Series to the BMW Z4 which express automotive passion down to the last detail. The bonnets of one of our 1:43 scale model cars, for instance, conceal a faithful copy of a BMW engine, while the classical 1:18 scale model cars convey a perfect overall impression of the car from the chassis to the interior. The 1:87 scale model cars are made of synthetic materials, and the fine engraving, tiny lettering and individually-mounted steering wheels and lights amaze even the most experienced collectors. As with the full-size automobiles, BMW model cars offer something to suit every taste.

BMW Miniatures Automobiles
BMW MiniaturesAutomobiles:
1:12 scale
1:18 scale
1:24 scale
1:43 scale
1:87 scale

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