Saturday, July 4, 2009

BMW M3 GTR Sandro Chia

As a child, Sandro Chia drew graffiti on cars, but it must be said that he has revised his attitude somewhat in the interim period: "The automobile is a sought-after possession in society and all eyes are upon it. People look closely at cars. The one I have painted here reflects their gaze. Like a mirror, it confronts the people who look at it."

BMW M3 GTR Sandro Chia miniature
BMW M3 GTR - Sandro Chia

New price: $ 157,15.

When he sees a surface he can hear it calling to him "Paint me, paint me!" And this is precisely what happened with this competition car, recalls Sandro Chia as he appends his signature to the latest BMW Art Car, dates it October 9, 1992 and declares his creation complete. Scale 1:18.

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