Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The new 1:18 scale BMW Z4 Miniature cuts a stylish figure whether the roof is up or down. The zinc die cast version has an impressive and very high-quality hard top which can be lowered mechanically. Its form and function match that of the new BMW Z4. Enjoy the characteristic elegance and powerful dynamism of the Roadster in the small 1:43 and 1:87 scales too. Length: approx. 20 cm.

BMW Z4 miniature
BMW Z4 Roadster blue

miniature Roadster BMW Z4 blue
BMW Z4 retractable hardtop

BMW Z4 silver miniature
BMW Z4 Orion silver

miniature BMW Z4 side view
left-side view

miniature BMW Z4 rear view
rear view

miniature BMW Z4 front view
front view

miniature BMW Z4 grey
BMW Z4 Space grey

BMW Z4 retractable hardtop miniature
BMW Z4 retractable hardtop

New price: $ 104,33. The new 1:18 scale BMW Z4 Miniature is available as of October 2009.

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